Kitchen Fitter in the Winelands

My name is Koos Herbst and I am an independent kitchen fitter. I have been installing and upgrading kitchens in peoples homes  since 2005 for the trade and private house holders.  I am a professional Carpenter, equipped and skilled in fitting kitchens.  I am able to fit most kitchens or items you want installed from any suppler in South Africa.  I am also able to  supply a custom kitchen design and installation of your choice.

Trade – Need a fitter for a day or more please get in contact.



Repurpose old furniture

Are there many old pieces of furniture in your home? Are you reluctant to throw them for many years of feelings? In fact, you can do something to help them find their new life.When a piece of furniture goes to pieces, you don’t have to. “Anything can be repaired,if you have the right people. The task at hand is usually an issue of craft and not period. ”

Koos Herbst Repurpose furniture Paarl HandymanAnd there is motive. “Make sure you’re doing it for the right reason,” said Robert Brown, a designer in Atlanta, of repair. “Is there value at the end? Has it lost its value in the repair? Is it still pleasing?” Suzanne Tucker, of Tucker & Marks in San Francisco, said: “The reality here is what it will cost. If you’re throwing good money after bad, but it’s a sentimental piece—that’s a personal decision.”Ms. Gomez explained, “Some things are very difficult to find. If you find it, and it has aesthetic value, then doing the repair is appropriate. If you’ve fallen in love with something that needs repair, it’s like fixing your wrist. Just fix it.”

Designers and craftsmen also caution about the extent and integrity of a repair—”over-repair” can be, in its way, as bad as breakage.

“If the piece is 100 years old, you don’t want it to look new,” said Oliver Furth, a decorator in Los Angeles. Matthew White, of White Webb in New York, observed, “Increasingly, everyone wants everything to be perfect. I find it kind of exhausting.” Mr. White recalled a gilded, carved frame “with some losses.” “I could have had it completely restored,” he said. “But instead I did a few major things, so it will stand up as something that looks its age.”


Or else you can re-purpose these old stuff. You can do some simple additions or alterations to make them have a different capacity. For example, this old bed can be used as a garden bench.