Koos Herbst

creative-woodwork-contact-flyerWood is my trade. I take pleasure in knocking two bits of wood together. Of course, carpentry it  a far more skilled job than that. As much as I as a carpenter/joiner like constructing and repairing wooden structures and objects, don’t think carpenters just carve bits and bobs out of wood.

Whatever your need; at Creative Woodwork you will find that nothing is too big or too small.  My portfolio include anything from bench joinery (making staircases, fitted furniture, doors and window frames) to cupboards, shelving, erecting wooden frames for houses and fixing roof structures.

Finally if you started a business and need to attend to the interior of your shops, offices, banks etc., you will find my workmanship and cost-effective prices adds another reason to contacting me for a quote.

I am based in Paarl, but work on consignment from time to time depending on the size of the project in which case I work on location, irrespective of the region.