Creative Woodwork Paarl

Everything in your home is a reflection of who you are, your personality, and sense of style.

The furnishing in your home should be treated no differently. Whether you need a certain piece of furniture to be made to measure to fit the space in your home, or you just can’t find the perfect style you are after, consider creating your very own custom made furniture piece that you have designed.

It’s affordable | It’s a perfect fit | It’s unique in design | It’s a quality piece.

Koos Herbst

creative-woodwork-contact-flyerWood is my trade. I take pleasure in knocking two bits of wood together. Of course, carpentry it  a far more skilled job than that. As much as I as a carpenter/joiner like constructing and repairing wooden structures and objects, don’t think carpenters just carve bits and bobs out of wood.

Whatever your need; at Creative Woodwork you will find that nothing is too big or too small.  My portfolio include anything from bench joinery (making staircases, fitted furniture, doors and window frames) to cupboards, shelving, erecting wooden frames for houses and fixing roof structures.

Finally if you started a business and need to attend to the interior of your shops, offices, banks etc., you will find my workmanship and cost-effective prices adds another reason to contacting me for a quote.

I am based in Paarl, but work on consignment from time to time depending on the size of the project in which case I work on location, irrespective of the region.


Upcycling old furniture

Transform old furniture into new, functional pieces.  I have always had a desire to take a piece of furniture and restore it to its former glory.

Furniture restoration involves tackling any aspect of work that’s required to get an old dresser or chair as close to the original condition as possible. Often, it’s more than just a facelift — it’s making the item usable again and possibly even adding value.  Take a second look at those old tables, chests, and whatever shoved back in odd corners and don’t be overly turned off by ugly paint or varnish. What’s under the surface may be a quality piece of furniture that will make a fine addition to your own home.

“Don’t turn your back on an old piece of furniture”

Have many pieces of outdated or stained furniture lying around, in your backyard or inside the house? Now, start looking at pieces that you may want to redo. If you find you don’t have the time or the DIY skills, contact me and see what we can do with your old furniture. Keep the memories and reform old furniture into something purposeful.

Kitchen Fitter in the Winelands

My name is Koos Herbst and I am an independent kitchen fitter. I have been installing and upgrading kitchens in peoples homes  since 2005 for the trade and private house holders.  I am a professional Carpenter, equipped and skilled in fitting kitchens.  I am able to fit most kitchens or items you want installed from any suppler in South Africa.  I am also able to  supply a custom kitchen design and installation of your choice.

Trade – Need a fitter for a day or more please get in contact.